Sunday, February 24, 2008

Genuine Semi-Precious Hematite Power Magnets

These Power Magnets are a pair of very strong hematite magnets. The strong magnetic attraction of the hematite pulls them together making a whizzing and zinging sound. Hematite is a naturally occurring stone, also known as iron stone. Magnetic therapy has been used for centuries to relieve pain, reduce inflammation and enhance healing. Magnets are thought to increase blood conductivity and improve circulation, thus improving the distribution of oxygen to the body's cells and enhancing their performance. Magnetism is thought to be of a particular benefit to sufferers of lumbago, rheumatism and stiff joints. The magnetic field of these hematite magnets is so strong that if placed on either side of your palm they will hold their position, making them excellent for work in magnet therapy. Use them for their healing power, or as a wonderful toy.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Artifice Design

Artifice DesignWorkshop Lite for Windows DW_LITE_WDL Full Download

For simple home design projects or for a good introduction to 3D graphics, DesignWorkshop Lite is the 3D application everyone can afford. Every level of the DesignWorkshop family — Lite, Classic Home Design, and Professional — allows you to quickly and creatively sketch spatial ideas in live 3D perspective, then develop and refine them efficiently with simple yet powerful and accurate editing tools. Your design visions will spring to life instantly using real-time rendering with lights and textures built in.

DesignWorkshop is the first real 3D design tool for creating form in space. Traditional drafting software only works in two dimensions, like pencil and paper. Most so-called "3D applications" are really just souped-up drafting software, with little or no editing available in the perspective view. The few other powerful 3D solid modeling systems available are complicated to learn and use, and too rigid for creative design work.

The unique DesignWorkshop modeling environment is based on a live 3D crosshair, so you can model in real perspective space, using easy click-and-drag direct-manipulation editing to create, resize, and reshape walls, roofs, openings, etc. With DesignWorkshop, you actually design and build live in three dimensions. MacWEEK calls DesignWorkshop "the most direct 3D interface short of a dataglove". MacWorld calls it "an excellent, lower-priced alternative to high-end architectural design packages." David Stovall, the famous online graphics forum leader, says DesignWorkshop "is the closest thing to intuitive design out there."

For people doing 3D with a zero budget, Artifice provides a basic no-frills DesignWorkshop Lite free for downloading. With DesignWorkshop Lite, the Save function is disabled for models of over 100 solid objects, or more than 1000 polygons, but projects of any size can be opened, viewed, rendered, and printed. Import and export translation for the DXF, PICT, and 3DMF formats built-in.

It's a 3D design starter program based on DesignWorkshop that's got plenty of power for exploring home design, remodeling and shop projects, or just for serious tire-kicking.

Designers who work full time creating built-environment models and images, including architects, interior designers, landscape architects, and exhibit and production designers, will enjoy the fast, easy and creative visualization environment of the unlimited DesignWorkshop Professional version, also available for both Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000 and Power Macintosh.